A. Guidelines

  1.  Employees are requires to render forty (40) hours of work in a week subject to the work schedule adopted by the agency. In the exigency of the service employees may be required to render services beyond regular working days.
  2. The Head of Office shall determine the need for overtime services in this regard the Office concerned shall issue an office order specifying the date time for rendition of overtime, and its purpose. Application for overtime is requested by the immediate supervisor and must be endorsed by the head of office.
  3. It should be filed at least five days in advance indicating the reason, duration and list of personnel who will render overtime. The request shall be forwarded to the Human Resource Development Office for proper action. (Note: Overtime is applied in preparation for university activities/urgent reports only) 
  4. No one is allowed to render overtime without an approved request from the management except in the following cases:
  • ¬†When an employee is on call
  • When the exigency of the service requires an overtime work.
  • During (The suspension request of for office overtime when must the be employee submitted has reported immediately and on opted the to following continue day with ? is/herthese instances)

All requests for overtime must be justified as urgent and necessary and duly certified by to the /Head of office. The output/work accomplished is required for the computation of the Compensatory Overtime Credit  (COC) for availing of the Compensatory Time-Off (CTO)

      5. The minimum overtime hours rendered during Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays is four (4) hours while the maximum overtime is eight (8) hours and it should be within the core working hours ( 7: 00am to 7:00 pm) exclusive of Lunch Break . During regular days , the minimum overtime is one (1) hour while the maximum is three (3) hours.




  1. Employee submits the fill out request for overtime form (can be downloaded at hrdo website : https://hrdo.upm.edu.ph/node/212 ) 
  2. HRDO receives and review completeness of submitted application form. Provide initial and sign on the form once reviewed. 
  3. HRDO forwards application to OVCAF. Once approved it will return to HRDO
  4. HRDO will issues approved/signed application to employee.