A. Process

  1. Retiree files and submits application form 3 months before the retirement date.
  2. HRDO Leaves and Benefits Section reviews the completeness of the form and with approved University Clearance.
  3. HRDO Leaves and Benefits Section submits the application form to Provident Fund.
  4. Provident Fund checks and validates the forms submitted. If incomplete, the application form will be returned to HRDO. But once approved, Provident Fund facilitates and issues the benefit thru the bank account given by the employee.

B. Requirements

  1. UP Provident Fund, Inc (Benefit Claim Application)
  2. Service Record with Certificate of Leave without Pay *to be provided by HRDO
  3. University Clearance
  4. 2 valid IDs with date of birth and with 3 specimen signatures
  5. Authorization to Claim Remaining Equity


To claim the personal share of employees in Provident:

  1. Unit clearance (c/o the unit/college); and
  2. Service record c/o HRDO