Study Leave


Less than 30 days

The Letter Request Form (OPS LB-1 Form) for Study Leave must be endorsed by the Chair/Dept. Heads and approved by the Dean with complete documents to be submitted to HRDO two (2) weeks before the start of the semester.


30 days and above

The Letter Request form (OPS LB-1 Form) for Study Leave must be endorsed by the Chair/Dept. Heads and approved by the Dean with complete documents to be submitted to HRDO one (1) month before the start of the semester accompanied by University Clearance, Return Service Contract, Suretyship Agreement, and acceptance to the program. In case of late submission of request, a written justification letter shall be attached.

In case of extension, the following requirements must be submitted:

-progress report

-copy of grades at the end of semester

-certification for the renewal of appointment to cover the duration of study leave and of the return service obligation (for employees under temporary status)


A. Qualifications, Conditions, and Eligibility Requirements


  1. Proven teaching ability and commitment to serve as UP faculty member;
  2. Good academic record;
  3. Positive evidence of interest in further academic and professional development;
  4. Good physical health; and
  5. Potential to complete advanced graduate studies and research
  6. Occupying his/her own faculty item (i.e. not a faculty substitute or contractual faculty) at the start of the award. Provided, That a faculty member substituting for one who is temporarily on sick, maternity, or study leave, shall not be entitled to study leave with pay.
  7. Not hold a rank higher than Assistant Professor
  8. Have served at least one (1) year as a regular UP faculty member
  9. Be tenured or being considered for tenure
  10. Not be more than forty (40) years old.


In highly meritorious cases, the conditions on maximum rank or age may be waived upon the recommendation of the APFC and approval of the Chancellor. The age limit may be raised from forty (40) years to forty-five (45) years for graduate studies abroad and to fifty (50) years for local graduate studies.



  1. All permanent administrative and research extension and professional staff (REPS)
  2. With not more than 45 years of age
  3. No pending case


Administrative Personnel

(MC No. 21 S. 2004)

  1. The study leave is time off from work not exceeding six (6) months with pay for qualified officials and employees help them prepare for their bar or board examinations or complete their master’s degree. For completion of the master’s degree, the study leave shall not exceed four (4) months.
  2. The leave shall be covered by a contract between the agency head or authorized representative and the employees concerned. No extension shall be allowed if the officials or employees avail of the maximum period of leave allowed herein. If they need more time to complete their studies, they may file a leave of absence chargeable against their vacation leave credits.
  3. The beneficiary of such leave shall be selected based on the following requirements, that per CSC MC No. 21, s 2014, an employee availing of the study leave must:
  • have a bachelor’s degree that requires the passing of the bar or a board licensure examination for the practice of the profession;
  • have a profession or field of study to be pursued that is relevant to the agency’s mandate, or to the duties and responsibilities of the concerned official or employee, as determined by the agency head;
  • have rendered at least two (2) years of service with at least very satisfactory performance for the last two (2) rating periods immediately preceding the application;
  • have no pending administrative and/or criminal charges; -not have any current foreign or local scholarship grant; -have fulfilled the service obligation of any previous training/scholarship/study leave grant; and
  • have a permanent appointment. However, as the purpose of granting a study leave is to develop a critical mass of competent and efficient employees which will redound to the improvement of the agency’s delivery of public services, an employee with co-terminus appointment may be allowed to avail of the study leave provided that they:

a. Meet the requirements as indicated above;

b. Would be able to fulfill the required service obligation; and

c. Are not related to the head of the agency or to any member of a collegial body or board, in case of constitutional offices and similar agencies, within the 4th degree of affinity or consanguinity.

B. Process

  1. Eligible employee submits the request for study leave (accomplished in 2 copies) and accomplished forms applicable for Faculty, REPS, and Administrative personnel endorsed by Unit/Office/College Head with complete attachments.
  2.  Once received, the concerned HRDO employee processes the request by evaluating the completeness of submitted documents, and verify the appointment records of the employee for clearance. Once done, HRDO Director provides clearance and initials memorandum.
  3. HRDO forwards request to recommending Vice-Chancellors Offices, prior to Chancellor’s approval: Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Administration: for the Administrative Personnel Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Development: for the REPS Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs: for Faculty
  4. Office of the Chancellor acts/signs the letter request form.
  5. Once signed by the Chancellor, HRDO distributes the approved documents to Unit, Accounting Office, and Budget Office, and forward documents to 201 file.

C. Requirements

  1. Letter of Request Form (OPS-LB 1) Endorsed by Chair/Immediate Supervisor and Approved by Dean/Head of Office
  2. Copy of Acceptance to the Program/Study
  3. Duly Approved University Clearance
  4. Duly Approved and Notarized Fellowship Agreement/Contract
  5. Duly Signed and Authorized Suretyship Agreement
  6. Certification for the renewal of appointment (for faculty members on temporary status)