Sabbatical is a privilege granted to a faculty member that exempts him/he from performing his/her regular duties. This privilege is granted to encourage study, investigation, and research; and to improve their competency to better serve the University.

The faculty member shall be free to choose the purpose for which the Sabbatical will be spent including study, research, scholarly or creative work, consultancy, fellowship, rest, renewal, provided existing University rules ar not violated.

Faculty members applying for sabbatical for the purpose of research or creative work (including writing of textbooks/chapters of textbooks) in their discipline may apply for the Sabbatical Research Grant.

A. Qualifications, Conditions, and Eligibility Requirements

  1. Faculty member must have served the University not less than six (6) consecutive years immediately prior to the Sabbatical.
  2. At least Associate Professor in the last two (2) years.
  3. Have been in active service in the University at least two (2) years before the Sabbatical.
  4. Provided, further, that any vacation or sick leave without pay of not more than five months shall not be considered a break in the six year period.
  5. Active service as used in this particular case shall be understood to mean actual direct service to the University, which shall also include special detail.
  6. In no case shall the Sabbatical be granted within two (2) years before the faculty member's 65th birthday (compulsory retirement)
  7. Start of Sabbatical should be synchronized with that of a regular semester/trimester/quarter, whichever is applicable, so that the date of report for service will coincide with, or close to, the beginning of another semester/trimester/quarter or summer. 6. For more effective planning of class schedules, the application for sabbatical should be filed with the immediate heads of units at least one (1) semester before the intended effectivity of the sabbatical.
  8. Faculty member shall report back for service to the University immediately after the Sabbatical.


Note: Report back for service is understood to mean resumption of teaching duties or assumption of administrative assignment for at least two (2) years.