The thrust of the University is to provide opportunities to its employees to further enhance their skills and capabilities through further study. As a policy faculty and administrative staff who will be pursuing further studies or training for a duration of 30 days and above shall render a return service upon report for duty. Guided by the set of rules and policies, employees are therefore granted said study leave privileges with an obligation to return to the University after the expiration and/or after finishing the course enrolled.

Foreign/Abroad Fellowship with Pay

No of years on STL/SD    RSO
6 months to 1 year  2 years
2 to 5 months  1 year
1 month  6 months

Foreign/Abroad STL/SD without Pay

No. of years on STL/SD RSO
2 years 2 years
1 year 1 year
6 months  6 months
1 month 1 month

Local Fellowship with Pay

No. of years on STWPL/SD  RSO
2 years 2 years
1 year 1 year
6 months 6 months
1 month  1 month