A. Process

  1. Employee submits complete requirements with attached documents depending on the type of retirement.
  2. HRDO process the request by evaluating the completeness of submitted documents and prepares computation of years of service from original appointment until effectivity date of retirement. The HR in-charge provides initial computation and the computation for review of Leaves and Benefits' Section Head.
  3. HRDO forwards the computation to OVCA for review of Internal Audit.
  4. Internal Audit validates and finalizes the computation.
  5. HRDO forwards documents the Office of the Chancellor/ Office of the President for approval.
  6. Upon receipt of the Chancellor’s approval, HRDO will prepare the voucher, reproduce the copies, collate and process the documents with affixed signature of the certified photocopy of all pages.
  7. HRDO forwards documents Budget Office, Accounting Office and Cash Office for appropriate action.
  8. Cash Office will coordinate with HRDO and perform appropriate action and prepare the payment of earned leave credits in the form of a check.


B. Requirements

  1. Approved application for Service Recognition Pay (SRP)
  2. Internal Audit report
  3. Duly Accomplished Retirement Application form
  4. Service Record with Cert. of LWOP
  5. Letter of Intent to Retire (approved by Chancellor)
  6. NSO Marriage Certificates - for change of name of married women
  7. Certified true copy of the latest Notice of Salary Adjustment
  8. University Clearance
  9. SALN


For Optional Retirement:

  1. Approved duly endorsed letter of retirement by the Office of the Chancellor, with a justification of the reason of retirement (2 photocopies)
  2. Approved succession plan


For Disability Retirement:

  1. Approved and duly accomplished GSIS Disability Retirement Form endorsed by the HRDO Director; and
  2. Medical certificate issued by the government accredited physician or medical unit (2 photocopies)


For Deceased:

  1. Duly accomplished GSIS Survivorship Application Form endorsed by the HRDO Director; and
  2. Approved Designation of Next of Kin with complete attachments (2 photocopies)