Step increment shall be granted to all deserving officials and employees for every three (3) years of continuous satisfactory service in the present position. This applies to all officials and employees appointed on permanent status. Having such conditions set forth by the policy, it is of importance to take note that;

Continuous service - authorized vacation leave without pay shall not exceed 15 days;

Satisfactory service - basis of which is the submitted PES/IPCR with rating covering the three (3) period.

Longevity step increment starts from Step 1 to Step 8. If an employee reached the salary grade with Step *, that would be the end of the step increment. From: Joint CSC-DBM Circular No. 1 s. 1990

A. Qualifications, Conditions, and Eligibility Requirements

  1. Determination of leave without pay for 15 days and above (for new reckoning date/effectivity date of longevity);
  2. Determination of administrative case/pending administrative case. If found guilty of an administrative case, longevity step increment will be forfeited for the three (3) year period where the administrative case was committed. However, if an employee has a pending administrative case, entitlement for a longevity step increment will be on hold until such time that the case was cleared.
  3. Determination of satisfactory service, employees with Unsatisfactory performance based on IPCR rating will not be entitled to longevity step increment for the three (3) year period where the unsatisfactory performance was committed.