A. Process

  1. Retiree files and submits application 3 months before the retirement date.
  2. HRDO Leaves and Benefits Section reviews the application form and attachments:
  3. Once complete and verified, HRDO Leaves and Benefits Section submits the application form and attachment thru the liaison officer to Pag-Ibig 1 month before retirement date.
  4. Pag-Ibig reviews and process the submitted application form and attachments.
  5. Once complete, Pag-Ibig approves the application and sends a text message to retiree once the cheque is available for claiming. If incomplete, the forms will be returned to HRDO.


B. Requirements

  1. Application For Provident Benefits (APB) Claim
  2. Service Record with Certificate of Leave without Pay *to be provided by HRDO
  3. 2 valid IDs with date of birth and with 3 specimen signatures
  4. Certificate of Last Payment