1. Retiree files and submits application 3 months before the retirement date.
  2. HRDO Leaves and Benefits Section reviews the completeness of the form. Once complete, HRDO signs the application form.
  3. HRDO Leaves and Benefits Section submits the application form thru the liaison officer to GSIS 1 month before the retirement date.
  4. GSIS reviews and process the submitted application form.
  5. Once complete, GSIS approves the application and notifies the requesting employee to submit the notarized Declaration of Non-Pendancy/Pendancy of Case (DNPC).
  6. Retiree submits the notarized DNPC 5 working days upon receipt of notification from GSIS.
  7. Upon receipt by the GSIS, GSIS issues approval letter. The benefits will be received through UMID card.




  1. Application For Retirement/Separation/Life Insurance Benefits Form No. 06302017-RET
  2. Service Record with Certificate of Leave without Pay *to be provided by HRDO
  3. 2 valid IDs with date of birth and with 3 specimen signatures
  4. Notarized Declaration of Non-Pendancy/Pendancy of Case (DNPC) *once the application is approved by GSIS


Additional Requirement for College of Medicine (CM) Faculty Retirees:

  1. Service record from other government agencies;
  2. Certificate of Part-time/full time Faculty;
  3. Certificate Not Connected To Other Government Agency;
  4. Certificate of Last Day in Service