Extension of Service Beyond Compulsory Retirement Age of 65


Administrative Personnel & REPS

No REPS and Administrative employee who has reached the compulsory retirement age of 65 can be appointed to any position in the government per Civil Service Commission (CSC) ruling.

However, in meritorious cases, the CSC may allow the extension of service of a person who has reached the compulsory retirement age of 65 years, for a period of six (6) months only, unless otherwise stated. Provided that, such extension may be for a maximum period of one (1) year especially for one who will complete the fifteen (15) years of service required under the GSIS Law.

A request for extension with strong justification shall be made by the head of office and shall be submitted to the HRDO six (6) months prior to the date of retirement with final recommendation submitted to the CSC not later than three (3) months prior to the date of employee’s compulsory retirement. Services rendered during the period of extension shall no longer be credited as government service unless extension is granted specifically for the purpose of completing the 15 years of service required under the GSIS Law. This shall be credited as part of government service for purposes of retirement.



Request to extend his/her appointment beyond the mandatory retirement age, may be considered only in exceptional cases. The exception shall be the professor’s continuing contribution to the College and the University that palpably stands out above the rest. Request should be submitted to HRDO with complete documents six (6) months prior to effectivity of retirement to allow adequate time for processing.

Faculty members who turn 65 in the middle of the semester may be extended until the end of the semester or academic year to enable them to complete their teaching and other obligations (1184th BOR, 22 July 2004).


Note: An employee on service extension (Academic and Non-Academic) shall be entitled to salaries, allowances and other remuneration, that are normally considered part and parcel of an employee’s compensation package, subject to existing regulations on the grant thereof (CSC MC No. 27, s. 2001).



Requirements (UP MANILA)

  1. Fully Accomplished Basic Paper (HRDO-B-1) (1 Copy) with white Basic Paper ( New Form -OSU Form)
  2. Updated CV
  3. OVPAA Form 3
  4. Justification for the need for services
  5. SET Scores( for the last 2 semesters)
  6. Medical Certificate with documentary stamp ( 1 copy)
  7. Summary of Faculty Loading
  8. Faculty Development Plan which includes the timetable and the faculty members being trained to eventually take over the courses handled by the lecturer
  9. The 65th birthday of the concerned faculty member occurs within the semester that his/her appointment us recommended for the extension
  10. Information or data that he or she is mentoring a graduate student who is scheduled to complete all doctoral degree requirements within the semester that his or her appointment is extended


Requirements (OVPAA)


From the Unit

A. For extension until the end of the semester

  1. Endorsement letter by the head of unit with conformé of the faculty

Recommendations for extension of service beyond age 65 years old is made due to exigency of service, specifically related to teaching and mentoring. Include in the endorsement letter, the period of extension, and tasks to be completed. For extension until the end of the semester, approval will be delegated to the Chancellor.

B. For extension of more than 1 semester

  1. Endorsement letter by the head of unit
  2. OVPAA Form 3.0 – Appointment of non-regular faculty beyond age 65

For extension for more than 1 semester: Approval from the President. The justification should emphasize the need for the extension

- List of academic activities that the retiring faculty will undertake during the extension period (e.g., students being mentored, teaching of courses, etc.)

- List of faculty being mentored to take over courses of retiring faculty should be indicated and the timeline of this activity

- For renewals: include updates on the activities mentioned in the previous endorsement/s

Subsequent renewal should include copies of previously submitted OVPAA Form 3.0 and endorsements.


From the CU

  1. Endorsement letter of the APFC Chair/VCAA (for extension of more than 1 semester)
  2. Accomplished Basic Paper
  3. Service Record


On the Basic Paper:

  • Ensure correctness and completeness of information
  • Do not leave any item blank. Each entry is essential to the information of the applicant.
  • If requested information is not applicable, indicate N/A or if information is found in another document, indicate as attachment.
  • Complete all required signatures

On the Service Record:

  • should be certified correct
  • updated up to the time of evaluation of the CU APFC.
  • Include study leave, nature of promotion (e.g., merit promo, auto promo), secondment, etc.



Satisfactory teaching- Summary of the Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET)

SET for 2 semesters prior to retirement Include scores for all courses taught

If faculty received a SET score of greater or equal to 2.0 (old SET) and equal or below 3.0 (new SET) from any course (not the average): Additional justification should be submitted to include the circumstances and interventions done to improve the teaching performance of the faculty in the course and why the faculty is being recommended for extension.



  • ANNEX 01 Accomplished Basic Paper
  • ANNEX 02 OVPAA Form 3.0
  • ANNEX 03 Endorsement letter by the head of the unit
  • ANNEX 04 Endorsement letter of the APFC/APC/AcPFC Chair/VCAA
  • ANNEX 05 Service Record
  • ANNEX 06 Summary of the Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET)


                                                                                                                                                                                                  (updated as of August 2, 2022)