Promotion is meant to recognize the faculty’s accomplishments, growth and development as a teacher and as a scholar, and service to the University, the academic community, and the general public. It involves an assessment of the faculty’s effectiveness and commitment in performing his/her duties based on minimum criteria set by the University, in support of its vision of academic excellence.

Promotion in rank shall not necessarily carry tenure with it; that is, promotion is a separate matter from faculty tenure. [Art. 179c; amended at 834th BOR meeting, June 28, 1973; and 1017th BOR meeting, Dec. 8, 1988]

A salary promotion may be given to a faculty member beyond the regular scale when his/her services are greatly needed even if for valid reasons his/her academic performance and scholarly competence do not justify promotion in rank. [from Art. 174]

In determining promotions in the faculty, careful consideration shall be given to the following factors: teaching ability of the candidate, research competence and productivity, scholarly performance, dedication to service, positive evidence of educational interest and marked academic growth, moral integrity, and good personal character and conduct. [from Art. 174]

Individual units may impose more stringent standards as long as these are consistent with the intent and framework of the System wide standards, applied consistently within the unit and made clear to the unit’s faculty.

Promotion implies selectivity and choice; it is awarded for academic, scholarly, and professional accomplishments, not for seniority nor length of service.


Automatic Promotion for Ph.D. [990th BOR meeting, Aug. 28, 1986; amended at 1147th BOR meeting, Dec. 21, 2000] A faculty member who obtains from a reputable institution a Ph.D. or its equivalent in a field relevant to the unit to which the faculty member belongs shall be given automatic promotion in accordance with the rules and regulations promulgated by the Board of Regents;

Provided, That such promotion shall take effect upon completion of the Ph.D. or its equivalent;

Provided, moreover, That the rank attained through merit increase/promotions earned by a faculty member pursuing a Ph.D. program while simultaneously teaching or performing other functions in the University shall be taken as basis for the automatic promotion.

A faculty member with the rank of Instructor or Assistant Professor who obtains a Ph.D. degree from a reputable university shall be promoted in accordance with the following schedule subject to the provisions above.

Automatic promotions will be made effective on the date of report for duty, provided that there is a certification from appropriate officials of the University concerned that all the requirements for the doctoral degree have been met. [825th BOR meeting, Oct. 26, 1972]