Recruitment Selection and Placement

Faculty Administrator


 Faculty administrators are regular faculty members who are appointed to administrative positions for a fixed term of office. The administrative assignment is given equivalent administrative load credit (ALC) to partially or fully compensate such assignment. Notwithstanding the provision of total maximum credit for non-teaching activities, the following are the ALCs corresponding to administrative positions in the University [1142nd BOR meeting, May 26, 2000; amended at 1166th BOR meeting, Dec. 2, 2002]

Separation from the Service


An employee who wishes to resign from the University should submit to his/her immediate superior a written notice at least thirty (30) days (REPS and administrative employees) and sixty (60) days (Faculty) before the date of the intended resignation. Each resigning employee shall fill up an exit interview form from the HRDO.



Promotion is meant to recognize the faculty’s accomplishments, growth and development as a teacher and as a scholar, and service to the University, the academic community, and the general public.



General Guidelines

a. All appointments to the faculty shall be made strictly on the basis of merit. No religious test shall be applied, nor shall the religious opinions or affiliations of the instructors of the University be a matter of examination or inquiry. [Art. 157]