Computer Test Result

Date of Exam: 15 July 2021

Name Result
1.Aceveda, Marilou P. PASSED
2.Gonzales, Fema Florra Garcia PASSED
3.Geronimo, Andrea Lynn S. PASSED
4.Llena, Chariz Janine D. PASSED
5.Miraflor, Mary Rose A. PASSED
6.Pallaya, Marjay C PASSED
7.Torres, John Victor N. PASSED

Date of Exam: 25 June 2021

Name Result
1.Menrije, Elmer Joseph T.. PASSED

Date of Exam: 10 June 2021

Name Result
1.Buising, Cleomar P. PASSED
2.Discaya, Sheila M PASSED
3.Garcia, Ryan L. PASSED
4. Lopez, Kiel C. PASSED
5.Mendoza-Gonzales, Jenna C. PASSED
6.Muncal, Kim Justin N. PASSED
7.Sonsing, Michael N. PASSED

Date of Exam: 27 May 2021

Name Result
1.Alfonso, Hannah Joyce PASSED
2.Cabiten, Mark Jayson PASSED
3.De La Torre, Evelyn PASSED
4. Mendoza, Vincent PASSED
5.Selda, Abejay H. PASSED

Date of Exam: 14 May 2021

Name Result
1.Celeste, Jomer B. PASSED
2.Lorenzo, Rowelo A. PASSED
3.Pana, Jeffrey S. PASSED
4.Esteron, Israel J. PASSED
5.Razon, Daniel D. PASSED
6.Tesoro, Sunshine T. PASSED

Date of Exam: 29 April 2021

Name Result
1.Ballesteros, Patricia Jaclyn M. PASSED
2.De Guzman, Olivia Regine R. PASSED
3.Pedrozo, Melvin G. PASSED
4.Umipig, Bienvenida M. PASSED

Date of Exam: 22 April 2021

Name Result
1.Blacano, Aiza R. PASSED
2.Lat, Ma. Marah Michaela F PASSED
3.Maestro, Roselle S. PASSED
4.Oyanagi, Jan Aldrin A PASSED