OSU MEMO NO OSU2021-02-20

Documentary Requirements for Processing of Requests for Establishment of Professorial Chairs

Memo No. CCDP 2021-393

Guidelines on the Grant of Expanded Maternity, Paternity, and Adoption Leave and the use of the revised CSC Form No. 6

Memo No. CCDP 2021-392

Use of Application for UP-approved Leave Form and Reiteration of UP-approved Leave Benefits

ATTENTION: Suspicious Link

Kindly advise employee-members under your office that GSIS NCR did not send any GOOGLE LINK on the updating of their contact information.
For all updating of contact details in GSIS, these are the ways to safely request for the updating:
• Via e-mail to your Membership Coordinator** (for the special project)
• GSIS GWAPS Kiosks (by the member him/herself)
• ARA Form E (for all active GSIS member)

Memorandum No. NGY 21-173

Clarification on the Eligibility of Heads of Units to the Academic Support

Memorandum No. NGY 21-172

Reminders on the Prohibition to Supervise per Sec 132 of CSC ORA OHRA

Memo No. CCDP 2021-353

Schedule and Conduct of Pre-assessment Audit and Succeeding Activities

Memorandum No. NGY 21-165

Work Arrangements under the New Alert Levels System

Memorandum No. NGY 21-163

Uniform Guidelines on Step Increments for REPS and Admin Staff and Submission of Documentary Requirements and Recommendations for Step Increments Taking Effect within CY 2021

Memorandum No. NGY-21-164


Please note the prohibited acts and dates of effectivity in relation to the election
ban in 2022, provided in the COMELEC Resolution No. 106951 promulgated on
10 February 2021 (copy attached):


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