Faculty Administrator

Faculty Administrator


 Faculty administrators are regular faculty members who are appointed to administrative positions for a fixed term of office. The administrative assignment is given equivalent administrative load credit (ALC) to partially or fully compensate such assignment. Notwithstanding the provision of total maximum credit for non-teaching activities, the following are the ALCs corresponding to administrative positions in the University [1142nd BOR meeting, May 26, 2000; amended at 1166th BOR meeting, Dec. 2, 2002]

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness


Wellness is often used to identify a person’s overall health (physical and psychological) and well-being. Eating healthy foods adequately, setting goals, doing exercise, and even smiling, are said to improve not only our health but also our wellness1. Practicing these types of healthy habits as employees promote good working relationship, mindfulness, and stress management.



Academic Leave for Faculty Administrators

[1150th BOR meeting, May 24, 2001] The entitlement to academic leave shall apply to faculty administrators with 9-12 units of administrative load. An annual academic leave of ten (10) working days is given to faculty administrators to: 

  • enable them to pursue their intellectual interests while performing administrative functions; and
  • somehow compensate for the loss in research time they would otherwise enjoy as faculty without any administrative load.

The terms of the academic leave shall be as follows:


Faculty Members with Administrative Duties in Addition to Teaching [OP memo no. FN-01-18, Feb. 26, 2001]

To ensure the highest quality of teaching while promoting the effective and efficient administration of the University, the following guidelines apply: