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As a faculty administrator, can I still enjoy my Teacher’s Leave?

As a general rule, faculty administrator shall be placed under the Cumulative Leave status, hence, you may no longer enjoy the Teacher’s Leave within the period of your administrative assignment. However, at your option, you may request to be placed under the Teacher’s Leave status in lieu of the Cumulative Leave status subject to the approval of the Chancellor.

What is meant by the Cumulative Leave status?

Cumulative Leave status refers to the condition granted by the Civil Service Commission for government employee to be entitled to earn 15 days vacation leave credits and 15 days sick leave credits annually which he/she may use to file and enjoy a leave of absence with full pay. Vacation and sick leave credits earned will accumulate if not used/enjoyed and shall be converted into its money value upon retirement or voluntary separation of the employee (this is known as Terminal Leave). In the University, administrative employees, REPS and faculty administrators are placed under Cumulative Leave status.

Are there any additional leave privileges I can enjoy as a faculty administrator?

A faculty administrator may be granted the following additional leave privileges subject to the prescribed guidelines:

• Academic Leave – 10 Days per year
• Rest and Reenergizing Leave – 5 days per year

How can I avail of the Academic Leave?

.: If you are a faculty administrator with an administrative load of nine (9) to twelve (12) units, you may avail of the Academic Leave of ten (10) working days per year of administrative assignment. It is not cumulative and shall be forfeited if not taken within the year.

How can I avail of the Rest and Reenergizing Leave?

The UP System issues memorandum on a yearly basis specifying the period within which faculty
administrators may avail of the five (5) days Rest and Reenergizing Leave. Like the Academic Leave, it is
not cumulative and shall be forfeited if not taken within the year.

How will I appraise the performance of my staff/subordinates?

The faculty administrator is the head of his/her own office and is responsible for the
performance of the staff/subordinates. It is therefore necessary that you are knowledgeable on UP-SPMS
(University of the Philippines-Strategic Performance Management System) which is the performance
instrument guide and tool used by the University in assessing the performance of administrative staff.
Please visit the HRDO website for the complete guidelines on SPMS.

On the other hand, REPS performance are being evaluated using the REPS Performance Instrument
Tool. Please request the HRDO for the guidelines and orientation regarding this.

How will I manage the attendance and absences of my staff?

Attendance of staff are critical in the attainment of goals and objectives of the office. Approval of
vacation and some other types of leave is contingent upon the needs of the service, hence, action on the leave application of staff is discretionary on the part of faculty administrator/head. As such, please be guided by the Omnibus Rules on Leave (CSC MC no. 41, s. 1998, with amendments) on the rules and policies of leave administration.

Aside from the additional leave privileges, what are the other entitlements of faculty administrators?

Faculty administrators may also be entitled to the following:

a. Representation Allowance (RA)
b. Transportation Allowance (TA)
c. Honorarium
d. Administrative Load Credit (ALC)

Please note that the amount of RATA, honorarium and the number of ALC vary per position.
Some positions are given the option to use government-owned vehicle. Opted as such, they are no longer
entitled to Transportation allowance.

What are some of my administrative duties as faculty administrator?

.: The faculty administrator is responsible for the overall management of the office which include the

a. Managing staff (specially in the areas of performance, attendance, discipline, personnel welfare, etc.)
b. Setting goals and objectives of the office which should be aligned to the overall goal of the University.
c. Monitoring work outputs and service delivery.
d. Active Participation to meetings and activities as required by the administration.

What is the term of office of a faculty administrator?

Generally, a faculty administrator has a term of three (3) years without prejudice to a
reappointment for another term (may serve for 2 terms). However, an additional term (3rd term) shall be
allowed only in highly exceptional cases. Please refer to UPDiliman Faculty Manual for a more detailed
guidelines on appointment and terms of office of faculty administrators.

Can a temporary faculty member be appointed as faculty administrator?

Memorandum No. FN 02-21 specifically prescribed that only tenured faculty members shall be
appointed to regular academic administrative positions in the University. However, appointment of a
non-tenured faculty may be made subject to approved waiver from the UP President. In such case, the
effective date of his/her additional assignment shall be coextensive with the period of his/her regular
faculty appointment.