Performance Management

Does my nonsubmission of IPCR/final rating affect my compensation?

I cannot submit my IPCR on the specified deadline/date, may I follow-up on submitting it?

Yes you may. Submit a letter to the HRDO stating the reason for the late submission of the IPCR and requesting for an extension to the deadline.

I want to appeal my final IPCR rating which was Below satisfactory, where should I file and what should I do?

You may file an appeal to the Performance Management Team bearing sufficient documents proving that the final IPCR rating given was unjustifiable.

When would be the deadline for setting the targets for IPCR and OPCR?

Am I allowed to give Unsatisfactory/Below Satisfactory rating?

Yes, given that the Supervisor/Head of Unit provided Mentoring and Coaching to the employee concerned in a span of two (2) to six (6) months before finalizing the rating (CSC MC no. 6 (Guidelines in the Establishment and Implementation of Agency Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS)), all of which should have a documentation. Failure to present documentation as basis for the final rating will allow the employee concerned to appeal his/her final rating and will be deliberated by the Perfomance Management Team.

The new company I am an employee at wants to verify my employment in UP Manila, what are the requirements needed from my end?

You should notify the HRDO first for the Employee Verification request of the company. Please make sure that you provided an Authorization letter to your employer for us to act on the request.

My company wants to phone in for my employment verification

Employee verification thru voice call/telephone call are not entertained unless there was a notification from the former UPM employee to be verified prior the request.

The company wants to verify my employment in person, what are the things to keep in mind?

The staff who will conduct the Employee Verification in person should have:
1. Valid ID for verification
2. Authorization letter from the former UPM employee (written also are: (1) name of the person who will conduct the verification and from what company he/she from, (2) ID to be presented by the staff/person who will request the Employee Verification).

After confirmation, we will initiate and act on the request.

How can I request for a copy of my Service Record?

1. an active UPM employee, kindly state the purpose of the request via UIS.
2. to use it for personal business, pay P10 to the Cash office and secure a receipt to present to the HRDO or to be uploaded via UIS.
3. to use it on an official travel, fill up on the UIS and upload the Letter of Invitation, Travel authority and Recommendation letter approved by the Dean.
4. to use it on bank transactions, fill up the UIS and upload the bank receipt via UIS.

I need a copy of my Service Record for submission on GSIS, am I allowed to submit an electronic copy (e-copy) of it?

Unfortunately, GSIS requires a wet signature thus an e-copy submission of Service Record is not allowed.

May I request an electronic copy (e-copy) of my Service Record to submit to other government agencies?

Yes. We will facilitate the Service record request once you filled up your purpose of the request thru UIS. HRDO will send the e-copy via e-mail. (include video tutorial link for SR request)