The HRDO is committed to provide comprehensive quality services to the entire UP Manila community, in terms of HR recruitment, development and welfare. To accomplish this, we embark on the provision of continuous training and research to identify new techniques and innovative approaches that would develop the performance and highest potential of every employee.


By 2025 we will be recognized as valued strategic partners to the whole UP Manila community providing a world class service and adding value through strategic partnerships, facilitating change, administrative excellence and championing employees.




  • To attract and retain the best talent that will provide support to the teaching, research and extension services of the University from 50% to 70% in 2025; and

  • To motivate 5% of administrative employees to exhibit higher performance levels from satisfactory to very satisfactory in 2025.





The UP Board of Regents approved the renaming of the office to HRDO at its 1194th meeting last March 21, 2005 in view of the need to give the office additional functions and put it at the headship of a faculty on an additional assignment basis:

Additional functions of HRDO are the following:

  • To develop and implement uniform standards for recruitment, selection, compensation of faculty, REPS, and administrative personnel;

  • To develop and monitor plans for career development of faculty REPS and administrative personnel;

  • To study and make recommendations on rationalization of benefits for faculty, REPS, and administrative personnel to ensure the fairness and equity in the distribution of material and non-material rewards; and

  • To serve as secretariat for both Academic Personnel and Fellowship Committee and Administrative Personnel Board.


The HRDO faculty head will enjoy entitlements similar to those enjoyed by constituent university directors, and will have the following functions:


  • To initiate the needed reorganization in the office to increase it’s efficiency and relevance;

  • To direct and supervise manpower audit in the HRDO initially and eventually in the whole university making periodic updates available to management;

  • To develop a manpower planning system which will provide guidelines for redeployment and or retooling of faculty, REPS, and administrative personnel in the light of changing thrusts and enrollment patterns in the various programs of the university.