Memo CCDP 2020-150

Submission of Confidentiality and Non-disclosure Undertaking

MEMO No. NGY 20-129

Reiteration of the Use of UP Mail (

MEMO NO. NGY 20 - 130

Release of the Third Tranche of Rice Allowance for Fiscal Year (FY 2020)

MEMO NO. NGY 20 – 127

Early Release of Salary for 01-15 September 2020

Memorandum No. NGY 20-119

Guidelines and List of Eligible Employees for the Merit Promo Administrative Staff (1)

Memo No. NGY 20-117

Early Release of Salary for 16-31 August 2020_CU

Memo PDLC 20-12

REPS Merit Promo with guidelines

MEMO NO. CCDP 1010-118

Resumption of Onsite Work of Employees

MEMO NO. CCDP 2020-125

Guidelines on the Filing of Monetization of Leave Credits
for CY 2020

MEMO NO. NGY 20 - 112

Monetization of Leave Credits for CY 2020
Given the current situation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Administration recognizes the need of employees for additional funds for their living expenses; hence, monetization of leave credits for CY 2020 is hereby authorized.


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