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To be an effective instrument in the growth of the University by providing the highest standard in the recruitment and selection, development and maintenance of its human resources through the application of just compensation and benefits package, and constant search for mechanisms to promote high morale and job satisfaction.


Consistent with its mission, the HRDO envisions a University that is composed of well selected, highly competent individuals working with optimum efficiency and productivity to provide excellent service to the community in particular and to the country in general.


The UP Board of Regents approved the renaming of the office to HRDO at its 1194th meeting last March 21, 2005 in view of the need to give the office additional functions and put it at the headship of a faculty on an additional assignment basis:

Additional functions of HRDO are the following:

  • To develop and implement uniform standards for recruitment, selection, compensation of faculty, REPS, and administrative personnel;
  • To develop and monitor plans for career development of faculty REPS and administrative personnel;
  • To study and make recommendations on rationalization of benefits for faculty, REPS, and administrative personnel to ensure the fairness and equity in the distribution of material and non-material rewards; and
  • To serve as secretariat for both Academic Personnel and Fellowship Committee and Administrative Personnel Board.

The HRDO faculty head will enjoy entitlements similar to those enjoyed by constituent university directors, and will have the following functions:

  • To initiate the needed reorganization in the office to increase it’s efficiency and relevance;
  • To direct and supervise manpower audit in the HRDO initially and eventually in the whole university making periodic updates available to management;
  • To develop a manpower planning system which will provide guidelines for redeployment and or retooling of faculty, REPS, and administrative personnel in the light of changing thrusts and enrollment patterns in the various programs of the university.

At present, UP Manila has a total human resource complement of 1,868 in the academic units (excluding of PGH), composed of 557 regular faculty , 760 non-regular faculty, 65 regular REPS, 33 non-regular REPS, 339 regular admin and 114 non-regular administrative personnel.

HRDO Director

Richard S. Javier, MBA-HA

Assistant Professor
Department of Health Policy and Administration

Prof. Richard S. Javier is currently an assistant professor at the Department of Health Policy and Administration. As a faculty, he teaches management, hospital accounting, hospital financial management, organizational development and human resource development courses to graduate and undergraduate students. He handles courses in the field of his expertise having worked at conglomerate companies such as healthcare, education, finance, automotive and Information technology, among others. As an academician, he conducts researches and extension services in the same fields of discipline. Aside from his present position, he does consulting work with many organizations on matters pertaining to organizational management, human capital management, human resource development, and strategic management and planning. He also serves as consultant and lecturer for the Health and Nutrition Project/Program Planning & Management, teaching management and Logical Framework Approach (LFA) at SEAMEO RECFON, University of Indonesia, Jakarta Indonesia. He is part of the College of Public Health team as an academic partner of DOH Region IV-A together with Zuellig Family Foundation and USAID, in conducting the Municipal Leadership and Governance Program and Heath Leadership and Governance Program. He is the HR and Management Consultant for Medical Mission Group, Hospitals And Health Services Federation and other tertiary hospitals from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. He has Masters Degree in Business Administration to his name. He finished both his masters and BS Biology degree at the International School for Seventh-day Adventists, the Adventist University of the Philippines. Prof. Javier has completed several researches mostly focused on maritime health, which are presented internationally and locally. His areas of expertise include: Human Resource Management: people-handling skills, staffing, training, coaching and mentoring, career development, succession, team-building, organization development and transformation, organization and job design, human resource planning, human resource competency-based system, staffing (recruitment, selection and placement), compensation and benefits management, job evaluation and design of salary structure, performance management system, performance-based pay, skill-based pay, total compensation, human resource policy formulation, supervisory and management development, values clarification, employee discipline, grievance handling, conflict management , workplace cultural analysis, managing diversity, stress management. Strategic Management & Planning: quality management, program and project management, hospital accounting, hospital financial management and leadership training. Before joining University of the Philippines, he was connected with the private sector. A former Professor at the Adamson University- College of Business Administration. He was Division Manager for SERVO, Human Resources head and member of the executive committee for the Suburbia Automotive Ventures Incorporated, HR Director of the Universidad De Zamboanga and ZAEC Community Medical Center - Zamboanga City, Assistant Hospital Administrator at the Perpetual Succor Hospital and Maternity, Inc. HR Consultant, at the Manila Doctors Hospital, HR Consultant/ Member Medical and Administrative Team for Manila George Ty Medical Center –Integrated Multidisciplinary Specialty Centers under GT-Metro Foundation, and Research Consultant at Seamen’s Hospital.



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