MEMO NO. CCDP 2018-009

Submission of Statement Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) as of 31 December 2017

MEMO NO. NGY 17 104

Implementation of the Official Union Time Privilege for Union Officials

Memo No. PDLC 17-28

Moratorium in Hiring of Non-UP and UP Contractuals

MEMO NO. CCDP 2017-114

Submission of Office and Individual Performance Targets for the Second Semester, CY 2017

MEMO NO. CCDP 2017-098

Submission of Office Performance Appraisal for January to June 2017

MEMO NO. CCDP 2017-091

Submission of Performance Evaluation Ratings

MEMO NO. NGY 17-40

Online Posting, Target Setting & Appraisal Schedule of UP SPMS I 2017 (UP APCR, OPCRs and IPCRs)

MEMO NO. CCDP 2017-056

Reconstitution of College/Unit Administrative Personnel Committees

CSC ADVISORY FINAL Personal Data Sheet (PDS) Revised 4-20-2017

The Personal Data Sheet (PDS) (CS Form No. 212, Revised 2017) uploaded on the website on March 22, 2017 had to be replaced in view of the inadvertent use of the word "MISINTERPRETATION" instead of "MISREPRESENTATION" in the INSTRUCTION portion found at the topmost box of the form.

You are hereby advised to dispose of the PDS you previously downloaded/printed and use the latest version of the PDS now posted in the website under Issuances (Memorandum Circular).


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