Memo PDLC 20-12

REPS Merit Promo with guidelines

MEMO NO. CCDP 1010-118

Resumption of Onsite Work of Employees

MEMO NO. CCDP 2020-125

Guidelines on the Filing of Monetization of Leave Credits
for CY 2020

MEMO NO. NGY 20 - 112

Monetization of Leave Credits for CY 2020
Given the current situation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Administration recognizes the need of employees for additional funds for their living expenses; hence, monetization of leave credits for CY 2020 is hereby authorized.

Joint Memorandum No. 2020-02

Survey of Work From Home (WFH) Resources of REPS and Administrative Staff


Release of regular monetization of leave credits (maximum of 10 days) for CY 2020; suggested release: 14 August (Friday)

MEMO NO. CCDP 2020-121

Submission of Performance Targets and Appraisals for CY 2020
Please be guided by the attached Memorandum No. NGY 20-107, requiring the administrative personnel to submit their Performance Targets for July to December 2020 and Performance Appraisal for January to June 2020, using the Individual Performance and Commitment Review (IPCR) in compliance with the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS).

MEMO NO. NGY 20 – 110

Early Release of Salary for 01-15 August 2020

MEMO NO. NGY 20 – 107

SPMS I (January-June) 2020 Appraisal and
SPMS II (June-December) 2020 Target Setting

MEMO NO. NGY 20 – 105

Guidelines for Personnel under the COVID-19 Vulnerable and
High-Risk Groups in Reporting to the Office


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