MEMO NO. CCDP 2017 017

Guideline for the Enhanced Hospitalization Programme (eHOPE) for the Faculty, REPS and Administrative Staff of UP Manila

MEMO NO. CCDP 2017 013


MEMO NO. CCDP 2017 012

Additional supporting documents now required for requests for change of Last Name of female GSIS members due to marriage.

MEMO NO. CCDP 2017 007

Immediate Submission of Report/Information of Resignation, Non-renewal of appointment and/or Leave Without Pay of Employees

MEMO NO. CCDP 2017 008

Submission of Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) as of 31 December 2016

MEMO NO. PAEP 17 - 06

Guidelines for the Expanded Service Recognition Pay (eSRP) for the Administrative Staff and REPS

MEMO NO. CCDP 2016 120

Deadline for SPMS I and SPMS II Target Setting and Appraisal

MEMO NO. CCDP 2016 115

Submission of Performance Targets for July to December 2016

MEMO NO. CCDP 2016 087

Accomplishment and Submission of Performance Appraisal


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