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MEMO NO. CCDP 2014-013

Monetization of Leave Credits for CY 2014 (Part II)

PDF icon CCPD 2014-013.pdf
MEMO NO. CCDP 2014-012

Mandatory Holiday Break 2014

PDF icon CCDP 2014-012.pdf
MEMO NO. CCDP-2014-009

Early Submission of Consolidated Reprt of Attendance (Faculty/REPS and Administrative Staff) For the Month of November 2014

PDF icon CCDP-2014-009.pdf
MEMO NO. CCDP-2014-001

Final Reminder for the Submission of IPCR and OPCR Targets Form

PDF icon CCDP 2014 001.pdf
MSVA 14 97

Monetization of Leave Credits CY 2014

PDF icon MSVA 14 97.pdf
CMBA 2014 108

Transfer of UPM ATM Payroll Servicing to DBP Nakpil Branch

PDF icon CMBA 2014 108.pdf
CMBA 2014 107

Implementation of Strategic Performance Management System

PDF icon CMBA 2014 107.pdf
CMBA 2014 069

R.A.C.E. To Serve Fun Run IV

PDF icon cmba 2014 069 .pdf
CMBA 2014 70

Human Resource Planning

PDF icon cmba 2014 070 .pdf, File HR Plan 2014 Template.xlsx
CMBA 2014 52

Hiring of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)

PDF icon cmba 2014 52.pdf